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Financial Analysis for Microfinance Institutions

Petronella Chigara-Dhitima

Financial Analysis for Microfinance Institutions is a management course which aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge and understanding of an MFIs’ financial performance. The course will explore: how to interpret financial statements; adjust financial statements for benchmarking; and calculate key ratios to measure and evaluate portfolio quality, efficiency, and profitability. Under credit risk, the course will examine the concept of lagged PAR and how further data analytics help in understanding and managing credit risk. Additionally, participants will learn to quantify and gauge the risks inherent in MFIs including credit risk and financial risks, and to choose strategies to improve performance for sustainability. The course will also tackle issues of responsible pricing as MFIs set interest rates for sustainability. Participants will benefit from a number of tools that can be used by managers to quickly generate ratios including the SEEP excel tool.

The course is highly participatory, using case studies, exercises and group discussions aimed at helping participants identify institutional challenges as revealed through the analytical work, as well as develop managerial solutions that can be applied across different institutional types.

*Participants are advised to bring their financial statements and credit/savings reports for the past three years which will enable them to apply the course lessons to their own institution!

Intended Audience:  This course is recommended for senior and middle-level managers, board members of financial institutions who intend to strengthen their analytical skills. Microfinance networks apex institutions, regulators, donors, and consultants who work with MFIs and wish to understand how to analyze MFI financial performance can also participate.

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