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This course starts with customers and their needs, the products and services that make a difference to their lives, and how to build a successful financial institution to deliver these.

We look broadly at: How to get to grips with the realities of clients’ lives, and deliver products that address their  ‘needs’ as well as ‘wants’; how to stop good products from getting ‘lost in translation’ through the people that deliver them, so that the reality on the ground matches aspirations; building a business that works, being clear about what needs to be achieved, and innovating to build the business model to make things happen rather than accepting conventional wisdom that it can’t be done.

We will explore how a customer focus and management of social performance can help address many of the operational challenges faced by financial institutions: lack of growth, high portfolio at risk, client exit, reaching more target clients, avoiding client over-indebtedness, improving the quality of services, setting responsible growth targets, and staff commitment.

This is a practical course aimed at people designing, managing, supporting and investing in financial services and the organisations that deliver them. Participants will be asked to share experience and think about what they need in their own organisations to build a more customer-centric business model.

A core resource for this course will be the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

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