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Linking Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Management to Institutional Success

Kim Pityn

Managing a successful financial institution in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing digital environment is a complex responsibility. In successful institutions, Human Resource Management (HRM) acts as a business partner integrating strategies that align staff performance with business outcomes to achieve today’s results; and proactively developing programs to promote the institution’s vision for the future.

HRM is a critical link between the institution and the staff and it enables the institution to retain highly productive and engaged staff members that have a passion for its mission. The course focuses on a) how institutional culture drives success by HRM aligning all functions to support the desired culture; b) leadership bench strength and development throughout the whole institution as a critical mission and HR function; c) developing a Human Capital Strategy Plan; d) developing staff through a performance and learning management process; and e) succession planning.

The course is interactive and it incorporates best practices in HRM that are applicable to your financial institution. A combination of lecture, discussion, examples and case studies are used to explore how to link business strategy and HRM. Many practical resources and HR tools are provided to apply the principles learned during the course within your institution.

Intended Audience: This course is intended for Executive Directors and Managers interested in incorporating best practices and thinking in institutional culture, leadership capacity, talent development, and succession planning.

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