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Powerful Tools for Managing Growth, Profitability, and Impact

David Richardson

As MFIs develop and become more complete financial intermediaries operating in highly competitive financial markets, key employees need to become more sophisticated financial managers. This class familiarizes participants with how to manage evolving financial structures, accelerated growth, volatile interest rate margins, and fluctuating operating costs, while at the same time, maintaining key financial disciplines which insure safety and soundness.

Participants learn how to quickly pinpoint and monitor their institutional strengths and weaknesses, and then, craft a business plan through a simplified, computerized version of the PEARLS Monitoring and Business Planning System. Key financial principles and practices will be covered to sensitize participants to the full gamut of variables so that they may project alternative 'What -If' scenarios which facilitate sound business decision-making.

This class combines lectures, participatory group discussions, and engaging case studies to achieve the class objectives. It is very practical and employs 'hands-on' tools that can be readily adapted into real work environments.

In order to make full use of this class, participants should meet the following requirements: 1) Basic understanding of accounting debits and credits, 2) Operational or supervisory management responsibilities for any MFI, 3) Access to a laptop computer with Microsoft Excel software.

Intended Audience:  This course is most suited for MFI Managers and/or other Senior Management Team employees or Board Members who are not intimidated by numbers. Regulators will find these tools helpful in monitoring and regulating wayward MFIs.  Donors may also find this course helpful in structuring technical assistance programs that demand a high level of economic and social performance.

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