Programa de Finanzas Rurales y AgropecuariasPrograma de Finanzas Rurales y Agropecuarias

Come join us for the 4th Edition of the Boulder Rural and Agricultural Finance Program

July 2018



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The 4th Edition of the Boulder RAFP in English will be held in Utrecht, Netherlands in July, 2018. These program will bring together rural and agricultural finance specialists from around the world representing MFIs, Rural Banks, Central Banks, Ministries of Finance and Agriculture, Donor Agencies, Investors, Development Agencies, and more.


The 2018 Boulder RAFP will offer 12 elective courses to choose from delivered by our Boulder Faculty, a diverse group of world-renowned agrifinance experts, covering a broad range of topics and viewpoints on how to efficiently reach smallholder farmers.  Our program also featured The Boulder Rural and Agricultural Finance Master Class, a dynamic roundtable event. Each morning, participants will take part in this discussion and debate on different aspects of rural and agricultural finance, the lessons learned, and the diversity of approaches.

The Rural and Agricultural Finance Program, created with FAO and CABFIN, a collaboration workgroup including IFAD, FAO, GIZ/BMZ, UNCDF and the World Bank,  is a highly specialized program offered for experienced rural and agricultural finance practitioners and institutions. The objective of RAFP is to enable inclusive and efficient food and agricultural systems, as well as promote financial inclusion by strengthening the technical capacity of service providers and those institutions serving rural SMEs and smallholder farmers.


Transform Your Thinking

Our immersion program creates the space for participants to deeply reflect on specific challenges, and share strategies on how to face the agricultural finance sector's pressing issues, using new tools and a fresh perspective. 

As part of the program, you will learn to:

  • Distinguish the financial needs and tools required to serve diverse client segments in rural and agricultural finance.
  • Examine the trade-offs of lowering costs and reducing risk in a financial portfolio.
  • Evaluate financial products and delivery models that respond to the needs of rural SMEs and agricultural households.
  • Assess the benefits and limitations of diverse financial products and delivery models.

Learn cutting edge techniques that will facilitate the provision of valuable services to your clients in rural and agricultural areas.

Join us for the 4th Annual Boulder RAFP offered in English !

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