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Customer-Centric Models and Digital Solutions – From Strategy to Practice

Gerhard Coetzee

Join us on a journey where we design digital finance solutions following a customer-centric approach.  We will apply human-centered design inspired methodologies to learn more about customers, gain insights, design and deliver solutions. Financial service providers continue to face challenges like retention, use of products, and acquisition of more customers.  Evidence suggests that client centricity is central to the emerging business model driving real financial inclusion and addressing these challenges.  The course will explore how an FSP can facilitate higher activity and retention rates and thus higher usage of its products. Targeted at practitioners (FSPs) and technical service providers that support FSPs the course will address the customer and business challenges in financial inclusion, particularly illustrating digital solutions.  You will work on a digital value proposition (specifically a mobile phone application) over the week to test and demonstrate the learning, and at the same time solve a real-world customer challenge.

Intended Audience:  This course is targeted at practitioners (FSPs) and technical service providers that support FSPs.  Regulators and supervisors also gain value from attending as it provides insight into the customer-centric solutions to solve customer and business challenges.

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