2017 Master Class Schedule Grid

The 2018 Master Class grid will be published at a later date.  As reference, please see the 2017 Boulder Master Class grid (below):  

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  Week 1
(July 17-21)
Week 2
(July 24-28)
Week 3
(July 31-August 4)
Welcome to the MFT / State of the Industry
(Robert Christen, Natasa Goronja)
How do we Use Segmentation to Improve Product Design?
(Natasa Goronja, Gayatri Murthy, Isso-Takou Soulémane Djobo)
Partnerships in the 21st Century
(Martin Holtmann, Hermann Messan, Robert Christen)
What can we Learn from Findex? Who are we Serving and Who are we Leaving Behind?
(Leora Klapper)
Proximity and Interoperability
(Greta Bull, Isso-Takou Soulémane Djobo, Robert Christen)
Leading Change
(Claire Burns, René Azokly, Robert Christen)
Risk in Credit Market Cycles
(Momina Aijazuddin, Djibril Maguette Mbengue, Robert Christen)
Nudges and Other Tools to Improve Usability
(Rebecca Rouse, Isso-Takou Soulémane Djobo, Robert Christen)
Credit Information, Market Development & Regulation
(Gabriel Davel, René Azokly, Robert Christen)
Financial Diaries: Understanding Client Needs
(Daryl Collins, Djibril Maguette Mbengue, Robert Christen)
Value for Clients: An Integrated Look
(Natasa Goronja, Isso-Takou Soulémane Djobo, Pierre Houssou, Erick Sile, Nino Mesarina)
Finance Without Borders
(Samuel Munzele Maimbo, Robert Christen)
What is Client Centricity? Why is it Important?
(Gerhard Coetzee, Djibril Maguette Mbengue, Robert Christen)
The Future of the Financial Services Ecosystem
(Tamara Cook, Rafael Mazer, Philippe Breul, Isso-Takou Soulémane Djobo, Natasa Goronja)