2018 Master Class Schedule Grid

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  Week 1
(July 23-27)
Week 2
(July 30 - Aug. 3)
Welcome to the MFT / State of the Industry
(Natasa Goronja, Robert Christen)
Latest FINDEX Data: Who Are We Serving and Who Are We Leaving Behind?
(Natasa Goronja)
Risk in Credit Market Cycles
(Robert Christen)
Over-indebtedness, Client Protection, and Use of Behavioral Economics to Help Our Clients,
(Natasa Goronja)
What is Client Centricity? Why is it Important?
(Gerhard Coetzee, Natasa Goronja)
Financing Microfinance
(Natasa Goronja)
Innovative Products for the 21st Century: Microfinance Product Design, Credit Scoring and DFS Transformation Pathway
(Natasa Goronja)
Gallup MetLife Survey on Financial Health and Closing
(Robert Christen)
Change Management
(Robert Christen)